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Conventions are an integral part of successful marketing for most businesses, and at Convention-S we're proud to continue that tradition. We've put together a wealth of valuable information on trade shows, conventions, meetings, conferences and events of every size so that you don't have to scour the Internet for fresh ideas or promotional products that are proven money makers.

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We've talked to experts about what makes conventions, trade shows and special marketing events truly successful and put together valuable tips and trade show secrets that can pump up the success of all the conventions and trade shows you attend, whether you're contributing to an event, sponsoring one, or simply want to update the appeal of your trade show displays. Take a look at our index of articles below, where you'll find fresh trade show marketing concepts and valuable advice on everything from how to make conventions work harder for your business to which convention attractions have been done to death and which ones can rock the house at upcoming trade shows, conventions and special events.

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Whether your company sponsors a fundraiser once a year or attends dozens of conventions, trade shows and special events throughout the year, you'll find all the suppliers and vendors you need right here at Convention-S. We'll be your "go to" source for everything related to conventions, conferences, trade shows and special events. Don't waste valuable time and money jumping from website to website when preparing for trade shows or conventions. We're your one-stop source for marketing tips, vendor links, insider information and the latest news for conventions, corporate events and trade shows!