Convention Marketing Strategies That Are Both Proven And Profitable

convention welcomes you! Through the pages of our helpful website, you’ll find a treasure trove of trade show and convention marketing information and resources that can help you attract substantial crowds to your company’s convention booth, providing you with many creative ways to connect with visitors at conventions and make the sales you desire.

Investing in convention marketing is a very cost effective use of your marketing dollar. Experience a real boost in your business by being able to personally introduce your company to new customers while also making important contacts with other business professionals in your industry.

At Convention-s .com You’ll Learn How to:

  • Plan and set the goals you need to bring in revenue and accomplish your vision.
  • Use proven strategies to successfully attract convention attendees to your exhibit where you can network and connect.
  • Make your convention or exhibit “the showstopper” and the desired destination of crowds of curious attendees by using the excellent information provided about the products and marketing ideas used in marketing events and conventions.
  • Add sizzle to your displays, signs, and backdrops and draw attention to your exhibit by using the new and available resources you will find to showcase your business in a professional way.
  • Spotlight your convention display exhibit and show your style using theatrical “tricks of the trade” such as computer graphics, props, sound, and lights to accomplish your goal.
  • Put your best foot forward by training your trade show staff. They will learn valuable people skills to help them attract visitors, resulting in valuable contact information and sales from the event.

convention attendeesA Look Inside The Convention Industry is brought to you by a collaboration of real companies directly involved in event planning and conventions marketing. For years, a great source for products used in convention marketing has been “Ideas for Events,” which has supplied various size companies with the products they need to produce a successful show. Our dedication to follow up with our customers has given us the vital feedback used to promote the successful techniques that help grow our client’s businesses, both in sales while supplying them with the right contacts and in steering large volumes of attendees to their booths. uses articles written to cover the conventions experience of large companies such as Walmart and Coca Cola, as well as smaller retail stores and product developers. Many industries have benefited from the convention marketing ideas from our website including:

  • Casino marketing
  • Radio station marketing and promotion
  • Bank marketing
  • Auto dealership marketing

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