Be Green at Your Next Trade Show

green tradeshow ideasThe Trade Show Industry is known as one of the top most wasteful industries. In fact, exhibitors and suppliers alike have noticed how wasteful it can be to exhibit. According to, 62 percent of exhibitors and 81 percent of suppliers have said their interest in “green” exhibiting is either high or very high. One of the obstacles that stand in the way of those who would like to participate in “green” exhibiting is a lack of variety. Fortunately, more and more options are becoming available that not only help the environment, but are also trendy. Here are a few of these new options.

Xpressions Fabric Tension Trade Show Displays

With the economy in a recession, now is not the time to cut your marketing budget. This convention display is sure to get you noticed at your next event. Wrinkle-resistant fabric is stretch across a recyclable aluminum frame. The option is also available to use plastic graphic material, which is made from over 80 percent recycled material. The graphics can easily be interchanged, creating a unique, new look at every trade show you participate in. These are very lightweight booths, which will cut down on shipping and fuel costs. Many different configurations are available, giving you plenty of distinct, innovative looks to choose from.

Entasi Fabric Tension Displays

This is a twist on the classic pop up trade show displays. Entasi Fabric Pop Up Displays are one of the most dramatic displays on the market! With a curved structure, many of them come with standoff shelves, which give you room to display your products. Graphics are interchangeable and will allow you to change the look of your trade show exhibit without having to purchase a different frame. The graphics are made of over 65 percent recycled materials.

Banner Stands

With an unreliable economy and stricter budgets, it is important to have a convention display that will draw in a crowd without forcing you to take out a loan to pay for it. It is the perfect option if you plan on traveling because it takes seconds to set up and comes with handy nylon carrying cases that will make it even easier to transport them from one show to the next. Retractable banner stands are especially effortless to set up because the graphic banner is stored right in the base. The frame is aluminum and can be recycled. Most banner stands weigh somewhere between 10 and 15 lbs, saving you money on shipping.