Choosing a Booth Size that is Right for You

convention booth size graphTrade shows can be extremely intimidating if you are not used to exhibiting. Every size you can imagine for trade show booths are available.

10’ x 10’

This is the most popular size used at trade shows. This display system will give you plenty of room to display your products and communicate your message clearly. Straight 10’ displays are used the most, but a great way to stand out is to use a curved wall. There are also several accessories that can be added to create a more dynamic booth system. Create an office environment while away from the office with the use of shelves and counters.

20’ x 20’

The enormous size of this exhibit gives you an ample amount of room to demonstrate several products on different areas of the display. One thing that drives a lot of attendees crazy are tight booth spaces that don’t allow for a lot of room to have more than one or two people in your exhibit at the same time. The 20’ x 20’ truss system display gives your visitors plenty of walking room and will allow them to get a closer look at your products by not having to fight others.

There are plenty of other sizes to choose from, but these two sizes remain the most popular. Again, if you are scared to exhibit for the first time, you may want to start with a smaller display. Once you are comfortable and understand the exhibiting process a little better, you can graduate to a larger display system.