Growing Trend in Hybrid Trade Show Displays

hybrid trade show displayAs more and more businesses are moving towards the use of trade show displays as a means of helping their business, the need for affordable, flexible displays is growing at a nearly exponential rate.  In light of this fact, more and more companies are turning to hybrid displays when purchasing a trade show display because of the flexible nature of the display.

One of the great beauties of hybrid displays is that they are very customizable.  Allowing for you to choose different backdrops, accessories, layouts, and overall looks.  What’s nice about this is that no two displays are going to look the same, and you can even change the appearance of your display between trade shows so that it appears new and fresh each time.

Being modular allows for your trade show display to be assembled in a number of different ways and even allows you to adjust the size of your trade show display for the amount of space you’ll have.  This allows a company to purchase a single hybrid trade show display and use it in numerous shows with different space sizes simply by setting it up to be either larger or smaller based on the amount of space they have.  This can save huge amounts of money in the long run for a company as they’ll only need one display for any show.

Hybrid displays, especially the Alumalite Hybrid Displays, are exceptionally light and easy to transport.  A 10 foot Alumalite Hybrid Display weighs less than 200 pounds (including the cases), and can be set up in about an hour.  This allows for just about anybody to transport and setup their own hybrid trade show display without the need for a small army.

Hybrid displays allow for you to add lots of great little accessories to your trade show display.  Things like banner stands, literature racks, and monitors can all be added with ease, and can give your display that little something extra that puts it over the top at the next trade show.

Raising Your Brand Image
No matter the reason for selecting a hybrid trade show display, there’s no denying that their ability to fit the needs of a company, as well as helping to cut costs, is a benefit that anybody can appreciate.  There are numerous types of hybrid displays out there:  Alumalite Hybrid Displays, Entasi Tension Fabric Displays, Pronto Hybrid Displays, Echo Hybrid Displays, and many others.

Doing some research will show you which one is best for you and your company, but when it really comes down to it, saving money and increasing the overall look and feel of your company’s trade show display is never a poor choice.